Skinner's Operant Conditioning Theory

B. F. Skinner belived that the essence of human development is the continual acquitsition of new habits of behavior and that these learned behaviors are controlled by external stimuli (reinforcers and punishers).

Personality Theories
This is an electronic textbook ("e-text") created for undergraduate and graduate courses in Personality Theories. While it is copyrighted, you may download it or print it out without permission from the author, as long as the material is used only for personal or educational purposes, and the source is indicated.

Theory Into Practice (TIP) Database
TIP is a tool intended to make learning and instructional theory more accessible to educators. The database contains brief
summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction. These theories can also be accessed by learning domains and

TE-660 Resource Page
Full text of papers written for TE660 by members of the first cohort of the BSU doctoral program .

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